Windows Live Linked IDs

I try not to shill for the man by re-posting every Microsoft announcement that comes my way, but this is too good to pass up. Windows Live just shipped the Linked IDs feature! If you have multiple Passport Windows Live accounts this is a great feature that finally allows you to switch between those accounts without logging out and back in every time.

For example, I have three Windows Live IDs. One I use for work related stuff, one is my throwaway account for site registrations and what have you and then a third is my pickabar email which is hosted by Windows Live Custom Domains. In the past, switching from reading email in one account to reading email in another meant having to sign out of Hotmail. An unintended consequence was that I had therefore signed out of any other Windows Live ID based sites I happened to be using at the same time. Annoying!

Anyway, one less minor frustration in my life. Windows Live commercial over!