Skipping Black Friday

I woke up extremely early this morning when a basketball somehow forced my closet door open. I sat straight up the moment I heard the loud bang and then a moment later I rolled over and stuck my arm under my bed to grab my trusty baseball bat. I took a moment to feel proud of my instinctual reaction and then I jumped to my feat empty handed. The bat wasn’t in it’s normal place.

I walked into the living room distinctly less brave than I would have been with the bat. After a few moments, perhaps quite a few moments due to my being only partially awake, I sighed heavily and turned back to bed. On my way to the bedroom, I kicked the basketball…hey, we have a basketball?…and identified the ruthless burgular.

I went back to bed, flipped on the TV and proceeded to watch some French movie called Backstage. Entertaining, but not nearly as restful as a couple of hours of more sleep would have been.

Then, as if in some marketer’s wet dream, the image of a Guitar Center ad filled my mind. “Black Friday Sale at Guitar Center!”, I thought. “Today’s the day for me to grab a better amp, maybe some extra strings, I may need a new cable…wait.”

At that point I thought back to Tuesday after band practice. For the thousandth time, I had heard someone with a natural gift for communicating use the very same musical tools I’m always looking to improve to make beautiful music. I need to remember that message. I don’t need to spend any more money on musical stuff.

Ok, maybe I’ll still grab somethng silly once in a while for fun. I don’t need to though. I need to learn how to do that E to B chord change neatly so I can impress Elizabeth.

I wound up not buying anything and that felt pretty good.