I'll never use Adobe Photoshop Express again…

I was really excited about Adobe’s free online version of Photoshop/photo sharing site. I knew it was in beta, but I immediately gave it a try. I found the tools pretty easy to use and very responsive. My band is promoting a show at Knitting Factory, so I used the site to adjust the flyer so that it would be appropriate for posting in MySpace comments. I used the image url provided for sharing the photo in all of the comments that I posted.

Then, a few days ago, I noticed that a comment I posted had a broken image. I checked out the site and saw the cutesy service down message, “Hi, we’re making a few adjustments. Check back in a few.” I checked the next day; same thing…and the next. It’s still down and now I find that cutesy message down right enfuriating. There’s no way I can edit all of the comments I’ve posted, so now 1. my show isn’t being promoted and 2. lots of people think I’m an idiot for posting a broken image on their profiles.

I realize that this service was labelled “beta”, but for better or worse that term has changed in the post-Google era. No longer can people release web based services as betas without providing at least some level of support and reliability. Even a message indicating the reason for the outage and an expected ETA for returning would be helpful.

At this point, it seems like Adobe just isn’t ready to run a service business.