45 Adapters

Oh yeah, did I mention I’m a rock star? Or rather, I was?

That’s right, your friendly host here in pickabarland was the singer/guitarist for a little punk band known as 45 Adapters, along with my friends CB, Pat and Julio. We played about five shows in Brooklyn, LI and Manhattan at places like Lucky Cheng’s and the Knitting Factory. We went on four hour drives to LI in the back of U-Hauls. We drank on a street corner on the day of our first practice because the guy who owned the studio never showed up. We got drunked and danced all night to the best in 60’s reggae and sould. We had weekly practice at Sweatshop and spent half of the time busting each other’s chops.

After ten years of not writing songs or playing shows, I finally got a chance to have as much fun as you can legally without gaining weigth or harming your liver. I also got to use the phrase “copyright laws” in a punk song.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end…unless you know someone who’d like to jam?

Check out a video, if you like, after the jump.