Pinto Beans


I’ve always loved Jamaican Music. Reggae, Rocksteady, Dub and even a little Ska and Dancehall. Some Ska. A little Dancehall.

Jamaican music has always had a unique proclivity for digesting culture and synthesizing musical and cultural mutations. It was post-modern before post-modern existed. It challenged the rigid corporate concepts of originality and copyright before the internet had inspired those in the wider world to see that the emperor had no clothes. Jamaican culture predicted the rise of our modern global “Ctrl-C Ctrl-P” culture way back in the early sixties when the Jamaican ear heard American R&B like Rosco Gordon on radio and produced a unique sound that would introduce to the world to the power of the hammered home offbeat.

Oh yeah, it’s also amazingly fun to dance to.

I’ve never really tried to make reggae, or even any real dance music. It’s harder than it would seem to produce something that grooves just so. Some people just have the right set of ears, the right knack for interpreting the science of the groove. I’m not one of those people! Luckily, I know a few and I pick their brains when I can.

Anyway, I’ve decided to make some danceable music. I’m going to start really working on my rhythm guitar skills, my understanding of different rhythmic feels and my overall (dare I say it) funkiness. Have I mentioned that I can dance? There’s no reason my hands can’t get with the strings and make something decent happen.

Anyway, with some tutoring from Pinto Beans himself, my first try at Reggae. I tried my best to copy the feel and even the bass line from an amazing reggae song from the late 60’s that a few of you may know*. It came out completely and utterly wrong…or should I say completely and utterly me?

Pinto Beans

[Download MP3]

*Please post a comment if you recognize the song. I’ll be duly impressed.