Victims of Drug Wars

Ah, so now they are after the golden boy Michael Phelps. He’s 23. Are we so ready to throw our supposed heroes on the trash heap? Yes we are. The writers who shape opinion, more than likely all of them having smoked marijuana, sit back in judgment and wag their fingers at the law breaker. I slept on this post because Lucas doesn’t dig the tune, but it seems appropriate right now.

A law which cannot be equally applied to all becomes nothing more than a tool for tyrannical persecution. It allows those in authority to selectively choose who will be punished and for how long. Prohibition doesn’t work.

Victims of Drug Wars

Children bear the scars
deep in their hearts,
it’s the way of war
families ripped apart.

Another young boy
raised by (a) single mom,
families destroyed
worse than those by bombs.

Victims of Drug Wars

The saddest part of all
is that it makes no sense,
There’s no magic in walls
there’s leaks in every fence.

There’s no sense in a law
that cannot be enforced,
overindulgence is a flaw
(but) morals cannot be forced.

Victims of Drug Wars

Fight till there are no more
Let’s struggle till there are no more

The most dangerous drug of all
is not sold in junkie dens,
it’s ethyl alcohol
it’s both our enemy and our friend.

It brings life to celebrations
then kills us on the road,
it causes tribulations
it (also) lightens up our load.

Victims of Drug Wars

Some tools also bring danger
most good comes with some bad,
today it’s only strangers,
just someone else’s dad.

It’s a war where some are hunted
for their choice in how they live,
freedom is organic
it’s not up to them to give.

Victims of Drug Wars

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