Hardcore is not as frightening as it used to be

I have too many talented friends. Seriously. Turns out my friend Milo (record nerd of the highest level, former rock singer, CBGB bouncer and generally misanthropic guy*) is also a sick writer. I read his blog post “Hardcore is not as frightening as it used to be” without knowing who the author was and loved it. He really captures the thoughts I had after my last trip to a hardcore show. The kids were all very calm and well behaved. I was very tempted to start jumping around and yelling in their faces, but I thought it might come off like Wilford Brimley talking about the old days. Back in the day, going to a hardcore show meant you might go home with a black eye! Now a days you’re more likely to get mascara smudged on you. Now I’m not trying to glorify the neanderthal “Hulk Smash” attitude that sort of pervaded hardcore as jocks and hip hoppers got involved. Trying to be a tough guy while dancing is pretty silly. On the other hand, there’s something refreshingly cathartic about a group of young people group venting and jumping around while shouting along to a good punk rock tune. Oh well, times change. CBGB –> Varvatos.


I’m not kidding, if you’re the easily offended type his is not the blog for you. It’s called Dissecting the Fetal Pig. You’ve been warned.