Good Times, Women And Irish Whiskey

Tug McGraw was a long time Mets closer, most famous for coining the unofficial Mets motto, “You Gotta Believe!.” Although he later made the poor choice of signing with and playing for the hated Phillies, he is still very popular with Mets fandom. Yes, even though his son sung that horrible “Live Like You’re 040105_hmed_mcgraw_7p.hmediumDying” song.

Anyway, Tug was also a veritable quote machine. Here’s a possibly apocryphal quote about what he intended to do with his salary:

“Ninety percent [of my salary] I’ll spend on good times, women and Irish Whiskey. The other ten percent I’ll probably waste.” – Tug McGraw

Clever turn of phrase. Anyhow, the quote popped into my head one day while I tried to make something Celtic sounding. I didn’t succeed. Enjoy anyway!

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[1]: /music/pickabar - good times, women and irish whiskey.mp3