We Can Win!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new Pickabar tune, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy working on 45 Adapters recordings and haven’t had much time to dedicate to writing. Believe it or not, I actually went through a period of about eight days without even playing guitar.

You know, the symbolism of a bundle of rods tied together has been ruined by it’s association with fascism, but it still represents an essential truth about life. We can accomplish so much more when we work together than we ever could alone. If we work together without our egos getting in the way, there’s no reason we can’t win!

Most people don’t get that and instead they lose themselves in the modern cult of the individual. Don’t get me wrong, individuality is great. Thinking for yourself is important too. At the same time, what could be more powerful than a bunch of strong individuals whose goals align deciding to work together?

Some of my song ideas come in a flash, like an involuntary reaction.

Some of my song ideas are like grains of sand in an oyster. They start out as nothing, but they stay bumping around in the jumble of odds and ends that I call a mind like an unwelcome house guest.

Some of my songs start out as an experiment. “We Can Win!” is the third type.

No guest appearances this time. Maybe next time you’ll play with me?



We Can Win


Most people walk through life drunk with self-centeredness, not us.
Most people stare at the mirror all day, not us.
And at the end of the day all they’ve got to show is bitterness, not us.
When they try to work together ego always gets in the way, not us.


  So I can’t see why we can’t win
  I can’t see why we can’t win
  If we stand together, just us and our friends
  I can’t see why we can’t win

They think they’ll find a way to break through our bonds, they won’t.
They think their allies will stand with them against us, they won’t.
And if they think they’ll find a way to outlast our resolve, they won’t.
When they’re asked to give of themselves for the greater good, they won’t.


  I can’t see why we can’t win
  I can’t see why we can’t win
  If we never consider surrendering
  I can’t see why we can’t win


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