I Saw the Edge of Winter Coming


 2009-09-26 001 2009-09-26 024 I like the fall, it’s my favorite season. I consider myself a fall person more than a summer person. You get to wear layers, scarves, cardigans, all kinds of fun stuff. I think I look good in layers. Also, I wear tight pants so it’s hard to fit everything in my pockets.

We took the Amtrak train to Boston on Sunday. Sarah, Debbie, Kari, Craig, Dave, Julio-jitsu and myself. Kari’s parents treated us like honored guests and fed us delicious cornbread. I limped around on a bum heel and ate suspicious (but free) Chinese buffet food at Howard Johnson’s. I didn’t meet Ben Affleck.

My phone died. It keeps typing TTTTTTTTTTTTT, etc. My fifth one in about a year.

Now we’re back in the city. Back home. Anyway, another poem. I wrote it stumbling back to Kari’s parent’s house. I don’t know.



I Saw the Edge of Winter Coming


I saw the edge of winter coming,
have you seen it in the leaves?
The green has turned to auburn
and summer’s love is left bereaved

  I saw smoke in the sky,
  but I didn’t know from whence it came
  I closed my eyes to forget,
  but even blind I felt the same
  And despite what I had heard,
  time did nothing to dull the pain
  But it robbed me of my strength
  and left my spirit frail and lame

    I saw something last night
    that made my eyes begin to tear
    I heard a distant rumbling
    that made my heart shake with fear
    I heard a mournful trumpet pealing
    and saw dark clouds were drawing near.
    I rubbed my eyes to chase the darkness
    but knew the sky would never clear.

I saw the edge of winter coming,
have you seen it in the leaves?
I’ve seen the summer’s maiden bawling
sobbing as she grieved.

I saw the edge of winter coming.

Have you seen it?

Have you seen it?