Bent And Broken


Wow, this is a tune I wrote back in February of last year, but somehow forgot to blog. 45AD is going to be playing the song, so I decided to work on remixing it. I was tempted to re-record the pitchy vocals, but this is a snapshot of what happened on the day I wrote the song.

Everyone talks about compromise, but most of the time they are talking about other people compromising. What happens when you bend and bend to make everyone else happy and forget about yourself? You wind up bent…and broken.

I started out writing this song because Sarah and I had had a fight. It wasn’t until the song was finished that I realized that the song was actually taking her side of the argument. She really enjoyed singing background vocals on this one ;). Ah, the wonders of creativity and the subconscious. Anyway, enjoy now and you’ll be able to sing along once 45AD starts playing it.


Bent And Broken


You told me if I would just bend
then I’d never have to break
you said it was a teaspoonful
of bitter medicine to take

Now I see the secret truths
you lectured me on all were fake
because I’m broken and I’m bent
this may have been a grave mistake

  Bent and Broken

You preach and preach on compromise
but it always seems to be
I’m the one who bends and scrapes
to make everyone else happy

I did not expect sacrifice
to be acknowledged on bended knee
but when I shined your crown this morning
things became quite clear to me

  Bent and Broken

  I’m bent and broken

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