Nothing To Prove


2009-08-24 001 2009-08-24 016The thing about bands is that they are usually associated with a genre, which is a lot like a cage for creativity. I just write the songs that come to me and leave out any sort of classification or pre-determined rules for what type of songs I’ll write. Most of the songs fall under the incredibly wide umbrella “Punk Rock”, but I never let that label confine my imagination.

I can sing sweet “ooh ooh oohs”, if I want to!



Nothing To Prove


I been through the types of things
that will keep you up at night
Like twenty of them against seven of us
both sides itching  for a fight
We cursed at the cops who broke it up
but the truth is that they saved our lives
I was proud of my boys for standing firm
and I never did feel so alive

    So I can sing ooh ooh ooh if I wanna
    I’ve been through the wars I’ve got nothing to prove
    I’ll sing ooh ooh ooh if I wanna
    I’ll live my life any way I choose

Tough guys with their tough guy talk
what does all of their barking mean?
When the chips are down they’ll turn and run
you’ll see that it don’t mean a thing
I’ve got no time for their hot air
these self proclaimed kings of the scene
I’m my own man I live my own life
and I’ll sing just what I wanna sing


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