They took “Find In Library” out of WMP 12??

I’ve always been a big fan of Windows Media Player. It’s not the fastest program in the world, but it’s a Ferrari compared to ITunes, at least on Windows. I’ve never really felt the need to look into fancier third party media managers. Until now.

Here’s how I listen to music on my PC. I skim through my library picking different tunes from different albums and build a playlist on the fly. Then, if a song comes on and I decide I would like to listen to more songs from that album or artist I just click “Find In Library” and jump to the album.

Except, that feature was removed in Windows Media Player 12. Seriously? I can’t imagine the thinking behind removing that feature. “No one uses that, I mean they know what they are playing, right?” I swear, sometimes it seems like no one at Microsoft actually eats their own dog food.

I’ve tried to live without the feature, but it’s incredibly annoying. I can search for the song in the library manually, but it rubs me the wrong way that I have to. Why am I searching for a song that you’re already playing? Right click, “find in library” worked perfectly.

I guess it’s time for me to start looking for a new media player. Maybe Media Monkey?