Another item crossed off the life goals list

I’ve written about my punk band 45 Adapters before, but I’ve completely forgotten to mention the fact that our debut EP has been released!


You can pick up a copy at Interpunk, Longshot Music or Contra Records.

It feels very rewarding scratching another item off of my life goals list. My high school band BOTB never completed our planned release. We did appearing on a compilation and a split 7” with The Templars, but nothing under our own name. After that band broke up, I assumed I’d never get to put any music out.

It’s been a long road since then, but I’m delighted to finally have this artifact out there in the world. I’ve always daydreamed about some record nerd finding my scratchy old record in a discount bin in some far off future and now that’s actually a possibility.

Onward and upward!