Real Danger


So, the last song of 2009. Wow, it sounds weird to say that. The end of 2009.

You know what’s funny? Our country is going to hell in a hand basket, but instead of working on real solutions we spend our time obsessing about athlete’s sex lives and watching so called reality TV.

The earth is going through serious changes as the American way of life spreads the religion of consumption and dissipation around the planet. We’d rather bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it will all take care of itself, than to make the tough choices that would ensure our long term survival.

Why are willing to spend anything and sacrifice any freedom because we’re afraid of terrorism, but we think it’s offensive to save way more lives by providing free medical care?

Because it’s easier. Because we’re scared. Because we’re basically lazy little monkeys who just ignore real danger when it faces us.

This song was supposed to be “Fear Of Flying”, but it became “Real Danger” somehow. Maybe FOF will be the first song of 2009, since I still like that title.

I was going to write a few more verses and add a guitar solo, but I have to say I kind of like “Real Danger” as a little bite sized chunk. Anyway, any topical points I make in the song will sound as dated as the Macarena in a few years.

I hope you enjoy it.


Real Danger


I’m looking for truth but I’m afraid to find it
If I ever did I ‘d be reminded
of the many things I could have done through the years
I let myself be hemmed in by irrational fears

    We walk the edge of cold dead oblivion
    Blind and deaf to real danger that we’re living in
    We like to pretend that deep down we’re really tough
    When challenges confront us, we focus on the silly stuff

Our leaders are afraid to make the hard choices
Compromise is shouted down by angry voices
Making up excuses while we should be making plans
busy pointing fingers while it’s slipping through our hands



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