“The Snow Is Also” by David Hoadley


Sarah’s Dad is a renaissance man. He read my little winter poem and responded in the comments:


The Snow Is Also

The snow is also blanket to the seed,

out of sight but waiting to be born.

As is the name upon a stone,

no longer close but never far,

beneath the snow,

in each of us.


I took the liberty of titling it. Goals shortly.

By the way, David is also a painter. He painted the painting on the right behind him in this photo.




Spooky painting, I know.

He’s also one of the fathers of storm chasing. I’m serious. He even founded the first storm chasing magazine Storm Track. This is just a random sick drawing from the magazine.


 hoadley drawing


He also took a photograph that was used for a stamp.




I could go on, but I won’t because I’m a little jealous. I think I need to make him a Wikipedia page.