I can't find no Gerrard Street

…but there are a few Gerrard Avenues about. No, “Gerard Street” doesn’t count.

Would anyone be kind enough to take a photo of one of those places and send me a copy? I would appreciate it. If you don’t live near any of them, but you have a friend who does, can you email them a link to this page? Heck, email them if they even live in the right state and maybe they’ll know someone. Or tweet it. Or post a Facebook status update.


Gerrard Ave, Indianapolis, Marion, IN 46224

Gerrard Ave, Monroe, Platte, NE 68647

Gerrard Ave, Speedway, Marion, IN 46224

Gerrard Ave, Columbus, Franklin, OH 43212

Gerrard Ave, East Longmeadow, Hampden, MA 01028

Gerrard Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701

Gerrard Ave, Seaside Park, Ocean, NJ 08752

Gerrard Ave, Carroll, IA 51401

Gerrard Ave, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME1, UK