You're Treading On Me


My friend Jarl wrote and recorded a song for a Swedish punk rock contest. He sent me an email seeing if I would like to write some lyrics and record some vocals for the song. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to work on the song until last Sunday morning…the date when the songs were due! I wrote and recorded this in about an hour and a half. It’s not the cleverest lyric, the most sublime verse, the solo isn’t great and it’s not even very tuneful, but I’m happy with it for 90 minutes of work. It was also fun because it’s a different style than I normally go for.

Jarl did the official mix, but here’s my mix for your enjoyment.


You’re Treading On Me

Seems like yesterday
we were the best of friends
now that that’s over
I refuse to pretend.

I’m sick and tired
of you pointing out my flaws
Gonna march to my own beat
I’m standing up against your laws

    I can’t carry you
    my life’s already too heavy
    I’m barely treading water
    Can’t have you treading on me
    baby, yeah you’re treading on me
    Can’t you se…
    You’re treading on me!

You’re always miserable
you seem to hate most everything
you get no pleasure from life
you even hate when birds sing

you’re tired and cranky
an old man at just 29
you wasted your whole life
I won’t let you waste mine.



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Jarl and Pickabar in Sweden