Here We Go Fooligans!


A few of my friends play in a recreational soccer league. They actually started the league, which is pretty impressive. They play their games about half mile from my apartment at McCarren Park, so I find myself watching them play pretty often. I enjoy watching their games almost as much as I do professional sports. I’m not kidding! I’ve watched games in pouring rain and in a crazy blizzard. I didn’t expect to have as much fun at their games as I do. Why is watching my friends play recreational soccer so enjoyable? I’m not totally sure. Maybe it’s because I completely relish having the chance to support and encourage my friends.

We as a culture have sacrificed a lot to the cult of celebrity worship and our obsession with professionalism. There was a time when the prettiest girl in your town was the prettiest girl in the world. Those days are long gone. Now, I’m not saying that we have to lock Rihanna in a dungeon and never speak her name, but a little bit more locally focused love would probably be good for our collective psyches.

I’d like more of the admiration and personal investment that I am able to offer to the world to be directed at the people who will offer those same things back to me and not just the .0000001% of the population that society deems worthy of our attention and affection. That was what the “Wall of Shame” was about.

It’s also pretty close to my house and the games are on Saturday during the day, so it’s not like I’m fording rivers, rappelling over cliffs, or turning down jam session invitations from Nile Rogers.

Their team is called Fooligans FC. Here’s a little tune I wrote as a tribute to them this week. Hope you enjoy it.






Here We Go Fooligans!

Started in two thousand and seven
when chris brown had a dream
Cam picked out a name for us
and soon we had a team

But things weren’t being run well
there was bullshit and intrigue
eventually Chris decided
to start up his own league

    Here we go Fooligans,
    here we go-o

    Ready to give our best
    through rain or snow

    Here we go Fooligans
    here we go-o

    Here we go Fooligans
    here we go!

Now every Saturday we show up
at McCarren Park again
with our minds focused on victory
we go to battle with our friends

        Even if you beat us on the pitch
        you won’t outdrink us at the bar
        we may never be famous
        but we’re all super stars

        No other team can beat us
        they can’t beat our unity
        because we’re not just a team
        we’re a family


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