Hank is now Hanna


The discus that rules our tank was originally named Jack…until she laid eggs and we had to rename her Jackie. Well, last week the low man on the totem pole decided to lay eggs. That’s right, Hank is now Hanna!




Sarah first noticed Hanna doing the pre-egg laying routine of pecking and swimming alongside the candidate branch like object. Being my know-it-all self, I insisted that Hanna was just looking for food. An hour later she was laying her eggs. Once again, I ‘d be better off if I paid more attention to what Sarah was saying!

The only downside to finding out that Hanna is a female is that it ruins our tribute to Venture Brothers. Our two Blue Turquoise discus were named “Hank and Dean”, the names of the young boys in the series. Then again, the writers of the series seemed to be really pressed for ideas during the last season, so maybe art will imitate life.