Dress Well, Drink Heavily


Hey, it’s only January and I’ve already finished the first pickabar tune of 2012. Hopefully this means the flood gates are opening and I can outdo 2011’s measly song output. Enjoy!




Dress Well, Drink Heavily


I grew up in basements and garages
my grandma had to work two jobs
Some people said that I was garbage
but I never begged and I never robbed

It took a long time for me
to learn what Grandma used to say
You pay your own bills boy
you can live your life your own way

    Dress well!
    Drink Heavily!
    There’s not much time left
    for drunken revelry
    Dress well!
    Drink Heavily!
    We’re younger now
    than we’re ever gonna be
    There’s still sunrises
    out there for us to see
    Why don’t we just go and get loaded?
Had my fair share of hard times
Had a hard time making friends
Sometimes I felt like I was a square peg
in a round world I just never fit in

Well, It took a long time for me
to finally find my way
and now I see the truth is
good times are just a beer away

Years have passed and  Grandma’s gone now
but she’s still always on my mind
She taught me that a man should work hard
She also taught me to have a real good time

It took a long time for me
to learn what Grandma used to say
Make the best of what you’ve got boy 
your life will be  more fun that way

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