Cheap Alternative to Python or Aqueon Water Changing Tubing


I have used both Python and Aqueon water changers for years with great success. I can’t imagine changing water on a larger tank with buckets.

When I moved to Queens, my old tubes did not reach to the bathroom sink that I use for refilling the tank. I ordered the Python Hose Extension which includes a connector and an additional tube that would allow me to reach the target sink. Unfortunately, I was never able to get the connector to attach the tubes securely enough not to leak. That meant sticking the connector into a bucket during the change and then having to empty the bucket once or twice for every change. As you can imagine, this wasn’t the neatest process.

I left things that way for over a year before I finally got fed up with it. Neither Aqueon or Python had long enough tubes listed that would meet my requirements.  I was targeting 40 feet to be sure things would reach the sink without some buffer to spare. I considered contacting the companies to check on a special order, but the prices they charge for even much shorter tubes made me think it might cost an arm and a leg.

Then I stumbled into Jehmco Tubing. I was able to get a 50 foot roll of their 1/2” x 11/16 plastic vinyl tubing for $20.00, which was only $3 more than the 20 ft. extension kit that Python sells. With 1 day UPS shipping the total came to $32.

The tubing arrived yesterday and I used it for my first water change today. It works perfectly with my existing python attachments and it has made water changes even more of a breeze than they were before. Plus, no more buckets or drips on the floor! As a side bonus, having the single tube seems to have cut down on resistance and my water change went even faster than normal.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with my purchase. I just wish I’d figured this out a year ago.

The only negative is that Jehmco doesn’t have online shopping, so I had to call in my order. Still well worth it.