I’ve been kicking this one around for a long time. I had the main hook, but I went through a few failed lyrical concepts. I finally put in some work and finished it over the long weekend.


What will it take for you to open up your eyes?
What will it take for you to finally see?

Well, the future is written by innocents
This is the age of decadence
Cynicism seems like cowardice to me

There’s no profit
no brass ring,
friendship gives life meaning

Friendship over everything,
Friendship over nearly everything

What will it take you to finally understand?
The door is closing fast and the knob is in your hand

We went through wars and we stood tall
back to back against them all
You stayed true when they stormed our walls
Let’s not let them fall


What will it take you to finally see the truth?
The road ahead is forked and the choice is up to you

We’re too old to pretend
The sun will rise, the earth will spin
Even if good things have to end
Let’s end them as friends