Two Poems from Bogotá

I was lucky enough to visit Bogotá, Colombia about two weeks ago. It was a wonderful experience that I won’t soon forget.

One morning I woke up at 8:00 in a friend’s apartment. I had no internet connection, no books and no magazines. So, I wrote two poems.

They are pretty bad.

The Final Page

Overflowing bitterness
sparked by the sting of wounded pride
throwing punches at a mirror
the true battle is the one inside

The life you live is bounded
by the fences you erect
and the man you are is shaped
by the options you reject

Forget those who reject you
step back upon the stage
the ending isn’t over
until you write the final page

The Ride

Life is a roller coaster
spread over the course of miles
Greet the highs with a shrug
and the lows with a smile

Make peace between your anger
and your inner child
Balance drive and dedication
with your nature to be wild

Attack every moment
treat hesitance as a crime
The ride is long and hard and fraught
but it lasts too short a time