Free Show Tonight!

Tonight at Lone Wolf it’s 45 Adapters, Screaming Rebel Angels and Dirty Spiders. Reggae and soul dance party after the gig with DJs Pickabar and Dolanite. …best of all, it’s all free!…


Another item crossed off the life goals list

I’ve written about my punk band 45 Adapters before, but I’ve completely forgotten to mention the fact that our debut EP has been released!

You can pick up a copy at Interpunk, Longshot Music or Contra Records. It feels very rewarding scratching another item off of my life goals list. My high school band BOTB never completed our planned release. We did appearing on a compilation and a split 7” with The Templars, but nothing under our own name.


45AD Lives!

I mentioned last year that my band, 45 Adapters had broken up. I also mentioned that I “play in a band” in my post on performance enhancing drugs, but I never went into any detail. Well, for the non-detectives among you, consider this the official Pickabarland announcement: 45 Adapters are back! We’ve played about three shows so far with our new guitarist [Knighthawk][5] and our sound is really starting to come together.…