Mr. Perfect

  This is Mr. Perfect. Well, he’s not quite perfect. His eyes should really be bright red. Other than that, I think he’s rather attractive. He is the largest of our discus, has a decent shape and he doesn’t have as much peppering as the other Pigeon Bloods. He’s the tank boss and bullies everyone else away from food.…


The driftwood fire without that burned…


  I’ve always like sticks. I think every young boy does. You’re walking in a park one day and you look down and see a cool looking branch. You break off the irregular bits, swing it around a few times and suddenly you have a light saber, or a walking stick or just something long and pokey. You carry it around for an hour or so until you lean on it too hard or whack it against something with too much force and your sword becomes a dagger.


This Tank Is Making Me Grow Up

  Life! Green, hungry and always, always, always reaching.  

  That photo represents a lot of what appeals to me when I look at our tank. That health and vigor requires real effort and continual vigilance. Part of the motivation for Sarah and I in getting a new aquarium was as to provide ourselves with an opportunity to get a more mature attitude towards life. More specifically, we wanted a chance to get into the habit of having the kind of set routines that make a happy and healthy life possible.


New Discus Fish Tattoos

I went on a tattoo hiatus for a few years, but I’ve been back on the ink bandwagon in the last two years. On Sunday I got my newest piece by Eddia Senzala at Powerhouse Tattoo. Sparrows are a common tattoo idea, but I decided to get a similar tattoo commemorating my new hobby. Without further ado, here are my new Discus fish tattoos:  

  Eddie worked quickly and the only parts that really hurt were on the collarbone.


More new fish!

  Last Friday, Sarah and I received 2 Brilliant Turquoise discus and 16 cardinal tetras from Discus Hans. The fish arrived in the morning via fedex and were shipped in a styrofoam boxed. They are really beautiful, confident eaters as soon as we let them out of the bag and best of all they have calmed down the overall aggression level in the tank. Obviously, part of the aggression problem was just the fact that we only had four discus in the tank.…


Tank inhabitants

After a week of having the tank setup with no flora or fauna, we went to Pacific Aquarium in the city to buy plants and fish. The person who initially helped us wasn’t working on the day we returned. That original salesman had approved of our discus and tetras in a lightly planted tank plan. He even suggested the correct lighting and additives that would support the plants we wanted.…


Our New Discus Tank

  I’ve always enjoyed keeping fish tanks. Mainly goldfish, but I’ve also had other tropical varieties. Unfortunately, a series of die offs soured me on the hobby about ten years ago. Well, about a month ago Sara and I decided on a whim to get a new tank. Our friend Dave sent us a link to a picture of Discus fish and we fell in love instantly. Only later did we read the plethora of articles talking about how the Discus was, in addition to being the “king of aquariums”, one of the most difficult species of fish to care for.…