Year End Re-cap


The end of the decade, my third on the earth, is nigh. I guess you know you’re getting older when the dates start sounding like science fiction. Twenty ten? Seriously? Isn’t that like when Buck Rodgers was supposed to be doing his thing? Anyway, time for a 2009 recap.

In January, I posted my goals for the year:

  1. Get back under 250 lbs. I did. Then I ran right back over it. Then in September I hurt my leg and was out of commission for a while. I’m back to running thought. I’ve run 14 times in the last month or so.
  2. Play a show. 45 Adapters played 12 shows last year.
  3. Play at an open mic show. I thought about it a few times, but it’s pretty scary playing music on an acoustic AND by yourself.
  4. Get published by a commercial publication. I wrote my first story since I was 13 years old, but other than that I haven’t made progress on this.
  5. Let people know when they have hurt my feelings. I’ve been much more open with people about when they have upset me. In one or two cases it actually worked out and the person I was upset took steps to make me feel better. In most of the cases, it’s meant the end of friendships. I’ve said goodbye to a lot of friendships this year.
  6. Stop being a hermit. I’ve had a much better year socially and I even went on a few solo adventures.
  7. Get a job. Yeah, not so much on that front.

Pickabar Holiday 2009So, you know, 3 out of 7. I also accomplished one of my life goals, putting out a record. Let’s call it 4 our of 8, which puts me squarely into my normal “mediocre” category. It’s been a crap year, I won’t be sad to see it go. I end it with a lot fewer friends than I started it with, which is never pleasant. I also gained a bunch of weight.

My most embarrassing moment of the year was probably realizing that I mixed up “there” and “their” on the lyric sheet for the 45 Adapters EP. I really don’t know how I let that slip by. Forest, trees, etc.

On a more positive note, I was able to post 14 songs this year. Well, 13 if you don’t count the remix. That’s 38 minutes of music! At this point, I actually have about 26 songs in my little songbook. That’s not bad. Especially since it doesn’t include all of the songs I wrote for BOTB.

Here’s a list:

You can download all of the songs in a nice little zip, if you like. I would appreciate you giving them a listen.

I’ll post my goal list for 2010 in January. Merry Xmas!